Turn best practice into standard practice

Give your clinicians access to your organization’s collective expertise at the point of care. Provide the entire organization with full visibility into what happened during the visit.

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The most capable AI medical scribe on the market

AutoScribe produces comprehensive, high quality documentation for all of your specialties and subspecialties—even for emergency department clinicians and hospitalists.

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Coding & compliance at the point of care

AutoCDI synthesizes conversations and EHR context, ensuring that ICD-10 codes and CPT codes are appropriately and accurately co-created with documentation, as if your CDI teams were part of every single visit.

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After-visit summaries for patients, their families, and caregivers

Reduce in-basket messaging with comprehensive education materials, tailored specifically to the visit, translated into the patient’s preferred language and tuned to their health literacy.

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Improve handoffs between specialists

Ambience generates high quality referral letters to specialists for expert consult, and from specialists back to primary care for long term management.

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Intelligent pre-charting for clinicians

Equip clinicians with relevant context and suggestions for the visit agenda, along with predictive 'suspecting' to unveil potential conditions for screening.

Ambience’s technology advantage

Our breakthrough AI platform is the only solution able to handle real-world complexity.

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Intelligent speech recognition

Navigates noisy environments, accents, soft-spoken conversations, jargon, and acronyms.
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Complex workflow support

Works for in-person, asynchronous chat, phone call, and video visits. Operates seamlessly with intermittent WiFi.
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Creates English documentation for conversations in Spanish, Mandarin, and more.
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Multiple speakers

Operates with multiple caretakers, parents, and/or children in the conversation.
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Longitudinal context

Integrates historical data from the EHR to capture all relevant context for the visit.
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